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Vacation Vibes in Hong Kong

Getaways without going away! Where to Find Relaxed Holiday Vibes in Hong Kong Even the most loyal Hong Konger craves a summer getaway. It’s unfortunate, then, that this year’s events mean that instead of booking a trip abroad most of us will be staying put. So, where can we go to escape the feeling of the crowded metropolis and enjoy a much needed home-cation? If you’re normally a holiday culture vulture, this fascinating place will tick all of the boxes. Impossible to simply stumble across,

Your Neighbourhood Guide To Repulse Bay: What To Eat, Drink & Do

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to coastal hangouts and Repulse Bay is definitely up there with the best. Conveniently located on the south coast of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay is a long-standing favourite among residents and tourists alike. While the beach might be the main draw, the area has much more to offer than sand and sea. From stocking up on summer essentials to enjoying pizza on the sand, as well as the best happy hour spots, here’s your guide on how best to spend your day at

5 Amazing Positivity & Wellness Podcasts

5 Amazing positivity and wellness podcasts that are guaranteed to boost your mood! Ah, the humble podcast. The successor to radio that, objectively, may seem less exciting than music, movies or TV. However, in the past few years, podcasts have taken off as the new craze. Now, it is often joked that anybody and everybody has their own podcast and why ever not? The more, the merrier. In these times of challenge, uncertainty and downright boredom, people may be up for some new listening material

Restaurant Review – Modern Chinese Vegetarian at Miss Lee

Step this way if you're ready to meet Miss Lee. Calling all foodies! There’s a new restaurant on the block by the name of Miss Lee and our taste buds have something to say about it. Read on to learn more… First opening its doors at the end of 2019, Miss Lee was created by the ZS Hospitality Group, the great minds behind other Eastern flavours such as contemporary Cantonese restaurant Lee Lo Mei and Vietnamese favourite Moi Moi. Miss Lee is centrally located on Wellington Street, and inside yo

A Guide to Sunset Peak Hike – Lantau Island

At 869m high, Sunset Peak is the third highest peak in Hong Kong. The hike to the top, therefore, is good if you’re looking for a challenge and some scenic views. It is most definitely one to add to (and tick off of) your Hong Kong bucket list. As the name suggests, this hike offers up a great chance to see the sun go down on the beautiful countryside of Lantau Island, so many people choose to set off in the early – mid-afternoon. This may be risky, though, as the descent is pretty steep and da

Stay Active with These Top At-Home Workouts!

These home workouts will help you stay fit and toned without ever leaving your apartment! Best At Home Workouts You Can Do In Your Apartment The month of February is shaping up to be a strange time here in Hong Kong. With the city in turmoil over the spread of Coronavirus, many of us are spending our work and leisure time in the comfort and safety of our homes. So, before the cabin fever sets in, why not consider a new kind of exercise regimen? One that can be undertaken from the comfort of yo

Where to Get The Best Alcohol Free Drinks in Hong Kong

Where to Get The Best Alcohol Free Drinks in Hong Kong Those fun and festive nights are behind us and Dry January is in full swing, but we don’t see that as a reason for our social lives to suffer. Instead, we are embracing the non-alcoholic beverage with open arms and can see it definitely becoming a trend that lasts far beyond the end of the month. If you are tired of the usual ‘mocktail’ consolation prize which is mostly just grenadine and orange juice, then you are in luck. Many of our bes
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